Creamy custard blushing apple

I know, inside jokes are annoying, right? But whatever, my title belongs to that class and I like it. I made this for my kids, with a good pile of berries on top, they loved it. So did I. I ate it in bed, while reading a book, and I don’t feel bad about it.  I am not usually a regular dessert eater, but in the last week I have contributed to the consumption of: 1 loaf banana bread, 1 loaf zucchini bread, a large serving of custard and 2 ice cream cones.


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Decadent Chocolate Cake

I’ve never been a huge chocolate eater.  Although, I do enjoy it in little bits.  A kit kat here and there or a small dark chocolate square that I snack on after dinner, all nibby with cacao bits.  But a whole cake?  Not usually my thing, but Addy requested chocolate cake for her birthday. And indeed, she got CHOCOLATE CAKE.  I do love to make cakes, my favorite being a certain banana cake and spice cake, which are relatively easy.  This was not. ( I know, I am a SK slut now).


I don’t mean that in a bad way (the easy part and the slut part). It was just time consuming.  From the endless chocolate chopping, to the ganache, and finally pressing raspberries through a fine mesh strainer.  It just takes time.  And when your two-year-old is running around and your now 5 year old is trying to help by splattering flour everywhere, it gets a little over the top.  But it is definitely worth it, the cake was good, but it is the ganache that won over my heart.  That damn ganache.  So pretty and so tricky all at the same time.  Just when you think you get it to a spreadable consistency, it starts firming up and you must reheat and re-cool all over.  I should have just spooned the warm, decadent ganache straight into my mouth. Now THAT would have been good.

Don’t you sorta want to snort this?  Maybe that’s just me.


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