I may as well post this?

I wrote this two months ago and apparently forgot to publish. Figures.

Where does one start when one has taken months off from a blog?  Well, I think that one would, first, stop talking in the first person, and then just simply, write. I’m ringing in the New Year by harboring an annoyingly clingy cold that is forcing me to sleep 14 hours a day and consume lots of green smoothies, without much effect.  So now, I reside on the couch, hot toddy in hand and nibbling a pink cookie that I think was left by our recent houseguests (thanks Robinsons!).

I’m not really sure what to think of the new year.  Except for, STOP doing that time.  Just stop it right now.  It can NOT be 2o12. I thought about  doing a resolutions/look back post but honestly, I don’t have it in me.  This month alone has been a whirlwind. Don’t even get me started on the last six months. This month alone, we spent 10 days in phoenix for my sisters wedding and then went straight to spokane for christmas.  So now I am just plain tired.

But, it is a new year and with that I have hopes and plans. I think the hard part of life and working full time is just dealing with the sameness of life.  Day in and day out things are relatively the same. SO this year I want to find the small joys and find inspiration where I wouldn’t normally.

Here’s where you will find me this year:  You will find me running half marathons, reading good books and eating good food. Maybe I will do something interesting, maybe something new or unexpected, but its ok if I don’t.

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