it’s a pumpkin eat pumpkin world


So hey there!  I’m alive!  The thing about blogging is, it’s really easy to blog when life is going well and things are smooth and easy, but it’s tough as shit to do it when things aren’t as great.  We’ve been back nearly 3 months now, but it feels like 6.  Don’t get me wrong, we are LOVING being back.  Totally loving it.  We’ve even managed to get babysitters and get out fairly regularly.  Score for Team Wakefield.  But man, this working two jobs and balancing kids/social life/married life stuff is really hard.  I’m grateful for the “extra” money that we haven’t even been paid yet, because helloooo teachers’ get paid once a month — at the end of the month. BOO (says the pumpkin too).

I guess what I’m saying is, we are all a little bit worn out. We just have to get used to our lives going in all sorts of directions and demanding a lot of us.  And somehow we still have to love each other through that, which is easier said than done.  One of my friends was saying the other night that her family doesn’t have “to do” lists on their fridge. All it says is “SURVIVE”.  I think that about sums things up for me.  Pull the weeds in the back yard?  Survive.  Fix the broken tile on the wall?  Survive. Repaint our house? SURVIVE. But really that’s not all we have to do. We also have to pay our bills and remember the permission slips, the homework needs to get done and we actually need to send our kid to school every day WITH a lunch.  Did I mention that I forgot to pay my car insurance for three months?  Yep, moving is awesome.  Did I also mention that our sewer bill wasn’t forwarding to our Portland address?  Let’s just move again, now that will solve everything.

While it’s easy to complain about all the little things that are sucking the life out of us, I need to focus on the good stuff.  Like good friends who will watch our kids in a pinch. THANK YOU. We have a safe home and car to drive, fabulous friends and good jobs to earn money.  Often in life I find myself saying, “things will get better” or “it will all work out someday.” Someday I will take that vacation or do the things I am unable to do right now.  But the hard reality is that it might not get better (I’m so uplifting!).  Maybe I will take the vacation but who the hell knows what life will bring us even five minutes from now?  So instead I am trying to find the silver lining now, the best in the current times. Are you with me?  Then I read this and cried.  There’s that too.


  • I am glad to hear that you are alive. I am glad to hear that you are getting to go out and that you are getting your children to school and making them lunch and working, and earning money!

    Good work!

    I miss the two of you!


  • October 22, 2011 at 6:13 pm //

    Ok, I needed this reality check. I am having a rough week (s) and this helped me be thankful. Love you Kat! Thank you for being my fresh dose of reality.